About me

The joy of exercise and sports, as well as, the interest in the human body were already awakened in my youth. With enthusiasm, I am working in that area and have been practicing very different kinds of sports and hobbies ever since. However, I have long been particularly enthusiastic about climbing and bouldering, as well as running and hiking and of course Pilates. When I am not working or doing sports, I like to cook or read and spend time with family and friends.

I grew up in Lower Austria and moved to Vienna at the beginning of my studies. I stayed in Vienna for 1 year after I finished my studies until I decided to gain experience abroad in New Zealand, aiming to learn a new functional movement method useful for both, prevention and rehabilitation for a wide range of people. After contemplating a few different methods I discovered pilates as my personal favorite. Therefore, I completed the pilates teacher training in New Zealand being taught by two pilates instructors one of which was a physiotherapist. In the course of my two-year stay, I completed the training as a Pilates trainer, worked in a Pilates and physiotherapy clinic and eventually managed it. However, as my family and friends are very important to me, I was finally drawn back to Vienna, where I have been living ever since. Through my experiences in New Zealand, I know how well Pilates and physiotherapy fit together and how valuable this combination is in rehabilitation and prevention.

Professional career

Since 2014 Self-employed physiotherapist in Austria (exception: stay abroad 2017 - 2018 in New Zealand)
Since 2019 Part-time employment at the Franziskusspital
2017 - 2018 Contractor at Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy in New Zealand
2015 - 2016 Full-time employment as physiotherapist at the Peterhof Rehabilitation Centre

Training and further education

2019 Mc Kenzie C + D in Germany
2018 Mc Kenzie A + B in New Zealand
2017 - 2018 Training and further education as a Pilates trainer on all machines in New Zealand
2014 - 2016 Advanced training in physiotherapy in pulmonological rehabilitation in Austria
2015 Advanced training therapy climbing
2015 Training Myofascial Release
2011 - 2014 Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at the FH Campus Wien
2010 - 2016 Bachelor studies in sports science at the University of Vienna